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The Bellavista was built in 1959 by the grandparents
Angelo and Adele Alboraletti. Since then, the residence has always been managed by the family. The initial idea was to build a joinery as my grandfather was a very good carpenter known in the country. During construction, however, undergoing progress, it was then decided to build a hotel of 10 rooms with restaurant and bar called Bellavista for the fantastic location and view of Lake Garda.
At the death of his grandfather back in 1964 my father Natale succeeded and he inherited the hotel with his brother Angiolino. Together with the wives they have always managed the structure with love and passion. 

In 1995, Papa, with great sorrow, left us and since then, my brother Daniele and mother Amelia have managed the hotel. In 2000 we decided to completely change the type, from a hotel to a residence with apartments, carrying out a complete renovation, leaving only the external walls intact, including 7 apartments, a swimming pool, a terrace restaurant and a kiosk. 

Even today, after almost 15 years of management, I feel grateful to the whole family, especially to my ex-wife Agnieszka for helping me in the most difficult moments. I also thank all the customers, guests and friends who have always stayed at Bellavista because they too, with their presence, have helped make this structure my great passion.

Alboraletti Michele - Owner and Director - 12.09.2009

...to my dad.

Papà Natale

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